Gentlemen Pirates!

The Krewe of Alegria is an all women’s organization that was founded in 1986 by Dyann Valdez and Diane Henry becoming the first all female krewe. After witnessing the fun and community spirit of Gasparilla these two women found themselves completely immersed in activity and new members were joining every year thereafter. The Krewe of Alegria has now become a fully incorporated as not-for profit charitable organization [501(c)4] with approximately 50 female members.


As membership numbers have grown, and the parades more populated it became a necessary and a much welcomed addition to include male friends, spouses and family during the parade route. Hence the birth of the Krewe of Alegria Gentleman Pirates. The Gentleman Pirates assist members and help facilitate safety as they serve as our security team during the parade routes. Gentleman pirates certainly add color and energy to our parade presence!



Thank you Gentleman Pirates!


Mike Valdez, Captain

Rick Haley, First Mate

Happy Anderson, Senior Officer


Tim Bellanger

Pete Carlisi

Mark Lembo

James Surrency

Steve Sutton



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